Vendor Store: RobotSky (Manufacturer)
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 36420 sales with 97% Positive feedback
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AliTech Score: 5 Star
Review Type: Personal Purchase
Price: $2.75 (free shipping)
Pros: Cheap, Well Made, Simple install, Works well
Cons: Driver disk for older OS versions not included
Bottom Line: Ideal solution for adding Bluetooth functionality to your PC.


The Robotsky USB Bluetooth V4.0 Dongle is a simple plug and play USB dongle that adds Bluetooth functionality to Windows PCs. It has a claimed range of 20m with speeds up to 3Mbps for the following Bluetooth standards: V1.2, V2.0, V2.1, V3.0 and V4.0 (including Low Energy).


There is very little to say on using this device, it just disappears behind the standard Windows 10 Bluetooth UI and just works. For a device such as this it is a great indication that the device achives what it sets out to do and does it well.

I did not experience any issues when I paired my trusty Lumia 950 and had no issues using the link over a period of many months.

I have tested the range to about 8m through a few internal walls and it could still be seen, so I am sure 20m would not be an issue with direct line of sight.


Under Windows 10 the dongle is true Plug and Play, just plug in and Windows will download and install the required driver for you. When powered it has a blue LED inside the plastic housing which flashes.

The following shows the dongle listed in the Windows Device Manager:


Earlier versions of Windows may require manual driver installation which is available from the supplier via a download on the product page. I have not tested the driver as I only run Windows 10 devices.


This is a simple USB dongle with gold plug and a plastic casing that houses the electronics. Everything feels solid and sturdy.

Purchase Experience

The vendor gave no troubles and the product was shipped in a timely manner. The packaging could have been better as it was shipped in a simple padded bag, but it arrived quickly and undamaged which is all that matters. I had no cause to contact the seller so can give no feedback on what they are like to deal with or how quickly they respond to messages.


If you are looking to add Bluetooth functionality to your PC then it is hard to pass up this cheap, well specified Bluetooth dongle.

The only black mark I could really find is that the driver disk was not included. Given the price and the fact Windows 10 is plug and play this is a minor complaint.