Vendor Store: ID-Cooling (Manufacturer)
Vendor Rating: 480 sales with 97.9% Positive feedback
Product Link: AliExpress Item Page
AliTech Score: 5 Star
Review Type: Personal Purchase
Price: $8.99 (free shipping)
Pros: Well made, Attractive, Quiet
Cons: LED bulbs could be brighter.
Bottom Line: Good looking cooling solution for a PC with window side


The ID-Cooling PL 12025 is a 120mm 4pin PWM controlled cooling fan with hydraulic bearings, LED lighting, solid airflow and quiet running. It can move up to 71CFM of air, although this depends on the fan speed which is under motherboard control. Fan speed can range from 600 to 2200rpm and carry the associated noise levels of 14 to 35dB.



I have two of these fans in my Corsair PC case running as input fans at the front of the case, the original Corsair fan is at the back acting as an exhaust fan. The PL 12025 fans are as quiet as the Corsair fan.

They produce solid airflow and everything stays within good operating temps even under heavy gaming loads. This is in a compact case with an RX480, i7-6700 and 16Gb , both on stock air cooling, so plenty of capability to generate heat.

Under heavy loads noise levels rise, still within acceptable levels and this is also to be expected in any case with 5 cooling fans, three 120mm along with CPU and GPU cooling. A fair amount of that noise is really down the the volume of air being pumped through the case.

The power cable comes with a black mesh sleeve similar to that found on most power supply cables, which is a nice touch.

The PL 12025 comes in 4 colour choices: red, blue, green and white. I opted for the blue to match my case theme.

The LEDs are positioned in the center of the fan and give a light glow through the clear fins of the fan. The glow of the fans is not as bright as the promotional images, I put this down to camera technology as my own image suffered the same difference in appearance. That said they do look really good when up and running. Here they are installed, there is blue case lighting at play here also, the picture above is a better indication of look, even then I would say less bright in appearance in real life.



The box comes with the fan, fixing screws, a small extension for the power cable if required and also a converter to 4pin Molex.

They are simple to install as long as you are comfortable working inside a PC case and know your way around in one. Be sure that you mount them round the right way depending on if you have them as input or exhaust fans. They do have a small marker that indicates airflow direction on them.

They have anti vibration padding in each corner which acts as a damping barrier between the fan and the case, this means it is best not to tighten the screws as much as you might with other fans to ensure you have not crushed this padding and hence removed its effects

Last task is to plug them into your motherboard or fan controller, job done.


The fans are well made and have a quality feel to them. The anti vibration pads are a nice touch as is the sleeve on the power cable. This all adds up to make you feel like you have a quality product that is well worth the money.

Purchase Experience

The vendor gave no troubles and the product was shipped in a timely manner. The fan packaging is good quality and protected the fans well.  I had no cause to contact the seller so can give no feedback on what they are like to deal with or how quickly they respond to messages.


The PL 12025 is a good quality PWM cooling fan that looks good and performs its task well. you could easily pay far more for similar spec cooling that looks as good.

I will probably purchase another three at some point soon, one to replace the Corsair fan and the other two for the spare fan bays in the case, more fans means they can run slower to achieve the same results.