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AliTech Score: 5 Star
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Price: $4.50 (free shipping)
Pros: Cheap, Well made, Fast and Reliable
Cons: None
Bottom Line: A cheap no frills reliable USB 3.0 External Driver enclosure


A cheap tools free USB 3.0 (5 Gbps) external 2.5″ HDD enclosure for SATA drives up to 2TB in size.


This drive enclosure is very hard to fault. The performance is good, the enclosure is light and all power requirements are supplied by the USB 3.0 cable.

I currently have an old 5200 rpm drive with 8Mb cache installed in the enclosure, in Crystal Disk it reports the following speeds over USB:


In comparison, a 7200 rpm 2.5″ SATA 3 drive with 32Mb cache internal to my PC reports the following in Crystal Disk:


This is the sort of difference I would expect between the drives. Looking at the feedback on the product page people report 400+MB/s for SSD when mounted in the enclosure so it does appear to support SATA3 drives and the full 5Gbps USB speed.

I currently have this enclosure plugged into the USB port on my NAS box where it is used as backup storage on a weekly cycle. The NAS has never reported any issues talking with the drive over many months. This shows the reliability of the enclosure.


Adding a drive into this enclosure could not be simpler, at one end of the case is an indentation. Hook a finger in and the top lifts off in a similar fashion to the back of many mobile phones. Inside is a small PCB with standard SATA drive connections (Power and data). Push your drive into the connector and then click the lid back on. You are now ready to use your drive.

The enclosure is plu and play, Windows will detect the drive in the same way as any other thumb drive or external hard disk.


The case is solid but not brittle, the plastic has some give to it. This is good as it will not break when you pry it open to swap drives and also this type of plastic would give a little more protection against drops than a hard plastic.

There is a tiny PCB in the case that provides the USB to SATA bridge, this appears well made.

It is a simple yet practical enclosure.

It comes with a fake leather case but that had really bad sticking and fell apart in a couple of days. I get the feel it was included to make the deal look better but given the price it is already a great product.

Purchase Experience

The vendor gave no troubles and the product was shipped in a timely manner. I had no cause to contact the seller so can give no feedback on what they are like to deal with or how quickly they respond to messages.


A real gem, on the the cheapest USB 3.0 SATA enclosures I have found on AliExpress and is fast and reliable. Unless you are looking for a more “flashy” enclosure it is hard to go wrong with this item.