Vendor Store: Mega Power International (3rd Party Vendor)
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 1950 sales with 90% Positive feedback
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AliTech Score: 3 Star
Review Type: Personal Purchase
Price: $5.88 (free shipping)
Pros: Cheap, Large so phone not balanced on top
Cons: Not the fastest charger. Might line up charge area
Bottom Line: Cheap QI charger that is good for top up charging on your desk at work


A cheap entry into QI chargers for compatible phones. A large charging pad that has a max output of 5V 1A when given a 5V 2A input. It is available in black and white colours.

At time of writing the vendor no longer stocks the item but others still do, it is a common style of pad.


QI charging is a standard form of wireless charging that is common in many mobile phones and tablets BUT not all. It requires your phone to contain a QI induction coil that is used to apply the charging power to your phone.

You simply place your phone on the pad making sure that the charge coil in your phone is over the centre of the pad, as this is normally located in the middle of most phones it is a simple matter of placing your phone centrally on the pad.

You know when the pad is correctly aligned as the led will change colour on the pad and your phone will give some form of indication that it is charging. It might take a few goes to learn the best alignment for your phone but then it becomes natural.

It is not a fast means of charging, the best use case is on your desk at work. That way if you have hit your phone hard that day you can give it a top up.


The pad does not come with cable or power brick. For best results you want a 5V 2A power block, as with all QI charging your lose about 50% of the input power in the induction process.

Simply ply in to a power source and place your phone on top.


This is a simple pad about the same size as a  5.2″ phone. It is about 5mm thick made of light plastic and has a standard micro USB port on one end. It feels a little cheap but that is a reflection on the price.


Purchase Experience

The vendor gave no troubles and the product was shipped in a timely manner. I had no cause to contact the seller so can give no feedback on what they are like to deal with or how quickly they respond to messages.


There are far better pads in looks, construction and spec but at a far higher price. If all you want is a pad for to up charges on your desk this is a great option, as a main home charger I would stick with cable or pay a little more.