Vendor Store: MeCallTech (Manufacturer)
Vendor Rating: 3234 sales with 95.7% Positive feedback
Product Link: AliExpress Item Page
AliTech Score: 1 Star
Review Type: Personal Purchase
Price: $7.83 ($1.74 shipping)
Pros: None
Cons: Cheap plastic, Poor Quality, Failed within hours.
Bottom Line: Poor quality badly made item, avoid


A cheap but ultimately badly made USB 3.0 card reader that supports transfer speeds up to 5Gbps transfer speed that has support for SD, Micro SD, XD, CF, M@ and MS card formats. It is plug and play under Windows 10.


This is a standard card reader that I did not have much time to test due to the fact it failed. I plugged in at work and all the various drive letters appeared under Windows. I had no cards with my so unplugged and took home. I then plugged into my home PC and initially it appeared fine. By the time I had located a memory card it had failed. It would constantly appear in windows then disconnect and repeat this process constantly.


Connect the supplied USB cable and plug in, Windows installs the drivers and you are ready to go…. That is the theory, practice was a different story.


This is a very badly made item that feels very cheap. The images have the appearance of a metal surround but it is all plastic. The unit is not rigid, the top and bottom flex under slight pressure and the supplied cable had stress marks where it had been folded and obviously has been stored for a while.

Purchase Experience

The vendor gave no troubles and the product was shipped in a timely manner. They were good when the unit failed. I just had to send photographic evidence of it connected and not working and they refunded the money for the purchase, so hard to fault them on that.


This is my first bad experience with AliExpress and shows the pitfalls that are present. Had I been required to return the item I would have essentially had to write off the purchase as shipping back to China from New Zealand would have cost a fair chunk of the purchase price.

I would avoid this card reader, it is of too poor quality to recommend.