Vendor Store: Hertz Tech (3rd Party Vendor)
Vendor Rating:
3158 sales with 99% Positive feedback
Product Link: See below
AliTech Score: 3 Star
Review Type: Personal Purchase
Price: About $45
Pros: Cheap for mechanical keyboard, Rigid frame
Cons: Cheap key caps, Key wobble
Bottom Line: A cheap true mechanical keyboard but lacks that quality feel, spend that little bit more and you will be far happier.


First up, this does not contain the standard links at the top, you will need to search for on AliExpress. The reason for this being I originally ordered a different keyboard but they run out of stock. Instead of waiting for a refund I selected another with the same price.

The Viewsonic KU520 is a no frills USB full mechanical keyboard with back-lighting that comes in 87 or 104 key formats. It is available with either Blue (clicky) or Black (heavy linear) MX clone keys. I opted for 104 keys on black switches.


The keyboard chassis is very rigid and weighty with minimal surround around the keys, it has adjustable feet that can be opened to raise the angle of the keyboard.

The switches are from an unknown manufacturer and do not have the same crisp feeling found with true Cherry MX or 1st tier clones. The experience is further cheapened by the use of very cheap low quality key caps with a very ugly font.

The key stabilizers used on the the larger keys have a great deal of play and wobble in them, in the case of LShift the key stabilizer has a strange notch feeling to it.

This is currently my work keyboard while at home I run a SteelSeries M500 on Cherry MX Red (light linear) switches. The difference in feel is drastic between the two. I am used to MX Blacks so the actuation weight between Red and Black is not really a factor. The steel series just has such a quality feel, it is a joy to use, the ViewSonic is really just a poor imitation.

There is a fair deal of noise generated by the keyboard above the switch noise when you bottom out the keys, this is down to all the cheap parts.


Much like any other USB keyboard you just plug it in.


I have covered some of my thoughts on the construction earlier, some of this is to be expected given that it costs a fraction of a good quality mechanical keyboard. The trouble is that given the costs of mechanical switches it means a large number of compromises needed to be made to come in at this price. Those being 3rd tier switches, cheap key caps and key stabilizers and supporting parts.

I also have some doubts about if this is really from ViewSonic or some form of no brand item riding off the name, the reason for this being the logo and badge work is not really up to the standard on the two ViewSonic monitors I run.

Purchase Experience

Given what I have outlined about with the purchase saga and the notch in the travel of the LShift the vendor was really good. They offered to replace the keyboard if I returned it. I decided that keep it as the delay and costs associated with return postage would mean many weeks before I got the replacement. Because of this they refunded 25% of the purchase price. I decided this was good enough and made it a very cheap purchase.


As an introduction into the world of mechanical keyboards it is a good start but I would recommend you spend a little more and look at a keyboard such as Rapoo V500, it is only 87 key but has far better switches and that real mechanical keyboard feel. This keyboard has just used too many compromises to bring the price down and you can feel it whenever you use it.