Vendor Store: Climax Technology Co. Ltd. (3rd Party)
Vendor Rating: 15475 sales with 96.5% Positive feedback
Product Link: AliExpress Item Page
AliTech Score: 4 Star
Review Type: Personal Purchase
Price: $1.47 (Free shipping)
Pros: Effective bright case lighting with a range of available colours
Cons: Adhesive could be better, connectors are cheap.
Bottom Line: An ultra cheap way to light you PC case.


An LED lighting strip with 18 5050 LEDs adhesive backing and 4 pin power connector. The description says 60cm but that really includes the power leads, the strip is closer to 30cm.


The lighting is bright, almost too bright to stare at directly. I picked two of the blue variants, one mounted at the top and the other in the bottom of the case, they illuminate the case really well with a strong blue glow. They do exactly what was expected.




First you should look where you want to mount them in the case and ensure that you can figure where you will run the power cables before you stick them, I recommend somewhere that from normal view angles is out of direct sight. After that it is a simple matter of peeling away the backing, sticking them to the case then plugging into spare 4 pin connectors from your power supply. The adhesive is strong enough but if you plan to move them it is best to purchase some double sided tape to re-attach.


The lighting strips are very common LED strips and the quality is very good, the adhesive could be better but is adequate for the task. The connectors could be better mad though, the pins are loose in the connector block so when you plug in you need to ensure they do not get pushed back out of the block.

Purchase Experience

The vendor gave no troubles and the product was shipped in a timely manner. I had no cause to contact the seller so can give no feedback on what they are like to deal with or how quickly they respond to messages.

The packaging could have been far better though. They were shipped in a plastic bag with no padding. One of the strips must have been squashed in transit and had a fold in it, this did not effect its functionality at all and once stuck you would never know.


It is hard to go wrong with this purchase, they are very effective lighting and for less than $3 for two I have vivid case lighting that would have cost far more for then same item if bought locally.