I have been in the market for a new external hard disk and found a listing for a 2TB WD Elements Drive for a price that was so attractive, about $60. Far cheaper than anyone else in fact.

I almost purchased but noticed that the seller was very new, had no sales count and a huge amount of negative feedback (33%). Mostly items not received, not as advertised or just not working. Looking at their store now they appear to have discontinued most of the products with bad reviews and relisted everything, this just looks like a scam store. These are probably cheap low grade disks put in fake cases and packaging.

This then gets more interesting as I have noticed four new stores that have just opened over the last couple of weeks, all with essentially the the same stock, prices and stock categories on the vendor page. None have sales figures or feedback yet. A couple even have what looks like the default store name AliExpress assigns which is just their ship ID.

What this feels like is a person/people opening a store to scam money via fake poor quality goods and when the store become untenable due to bad feedback they dump it and open more.

The stores in question are: