In my previous post  WARNING: Some Questionable External HDD Vendors I identified a very suspicious vendor of HDD products. Terrible feedback followed by quick removal of product listings to hide this. Then shortly afterwards a set of new vendors suddenly sprung up all with the same suspicious feel to them, all with similar products and prices well below the standard prices.

I have decided to keep an eye on this and since the last post I have found a load of new vendors all with exactly the same feel, most just the default store name.

All have almost the same product line and similar prices. Products have no feedback yet even though sales as the products still shipping. The stores in question are:

My recommendation here is that you avoid ALL of these vendors, I believe they have found a way to scam AliExpress in some way around the refund system and they keep rolling stores to avoid the negative feedback that starts once the products hit the buyers.

See My Rules For Purchase and stick to them without fail!